Our success is attributed to the R&D department's efforts to constantly develop new products and increase the quality and efficacy of existing ones. Our R&D department is equipped with the latest technological instruments, lab-scale modules for various types of work equipment used in the plant.

With their expertise in surfactant chemistry, our team of research chemists develops products for best performance at reduced cost and with longer shelf life. Our rigorous quality checks monitor the product specification and its implementation at all stages. Our team also assists our customers in recommending optimum usage of our surfactants.

R&D team employs volumetric, gravimetric, and potentiometric analysis for chemical testing in the lab. Using these, the team gathers information relating to elements in raw materials and products. In addition, the Company has setup a dedicated ETP division to reduce the effluent load and treat it in an economical and environmentally friendly way.




New agricultural chemical molecules are increasingly safer for the environment. Supreme plays an active role in manufacturing low-toxicity surfactants that can be used in place of ethoxylated nonylphenols.

A major challenge of the agricultural chemical industry is to reduce product costs while increasing its effectiveness. One of the consequences of this effort is the increasing complexity of products containing several actives. Our researchers are developing new systems designed to optimize:

  • Targeted delivery of the agricultural chemical actives through controlled release formulations.
  • The agrochemical dosage through the use of our biological activators, which helps preserve the environment at a reduced cost.

We are committed to achieving excellence in quality standards and always supply products as per global standards.